4 hours


$2200 AUD for in-house teams, excluding travel costs

($1500 USD and $1900 CAD for North American teams) 


We provide in-person training from Hobart, Australia, and online training globally using Zoom or Microsoft Teams

About List Assassin

It is hard to get the right things done.

We are bombarded with information. We have more tasks than we can complete each day. We find it hard to switch off and clear our mind when we feel overwhelmed. 

That’s why you need a set of personal productivity habits to organise everything across your work and life.

A robust to-do list is far more important than most of us realise. By organising everything using a two-level list, you can reduce stress, increase creativity and clarify everything that needs to be done. 

By mastering the four habits of the List Assassin® — Capture, Organise, Review and Do — you can get the right things done and cut through even the most complex of workloads.



  • Explore the benefits of defining your work and organising everything across work and life in a systematic way.

Habit 1 Capture:

  • Learn how to clear your mind by capturing every action that has your attention in a single place.

Habit 2 Organise:

  • Understand the power of a two-level list (projects and tasks) to achieve complex and difficult goals.

Habit 3 Review:

  • Stay on top of your work by planning your week, and defining next actions in a habitual way.

Habit 4 Do:

  • Develop a mini-plan to achieve your most important tasks each day.
  • Find a to-do list app or digital solution to compliment the way you work.

Note: included in this course are a series of to-do list app videos to help you set up an online to-do list.

What is the best to-do list app for you?

It depends on who you are and how you work!