Full day training 


$3900 CAD for in-house teams, excluding travel costs (or $3000 USD)


We are located in Vancouver, Canada, and provide in-person training across North America, or online training using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


“Leading Remote and Hybrid Teams” is designed to increase focus, enhance wellbeing, and boost productivity within your team. 

In today’s digital age, inundated with information, it’s crucial to foster new skills and productivity models to adapt and change. Remote and hybrid working offer immense benefits, yet present unique challenges such as maintaining focus amidst relentless emails, incessant notifications, and virtual meetings, compounded by reduced face-to-face interactions.

This two-part course (based on Daniel Sih’s award-winning book “Spacemaker,” and TEDx talk) is customizable to a one or two-day format to suit your team’s needs. 

We will provide:

  • Practical strategies to guide digital teams towards productivity and wellbeing.
  • Appreciation of digital wellbeing’s influence on organizational success, including cost-savings, improved retention, performance, and innovation.
  • Evidence-based digital strategies to shape your company’s policies and workflows.
  • A high-level action plan for your team to implement.


Session 1 – in a three-hour session, we address the impact of digital overload on personal productivity, covering:
  • Key factors impacting individual wellbeing.
  • The connection between digital overload and sustained productivity.
  • Practical habits to improve deep thought, deep rest, and healthier team relationships.
  • Strategies to help your team members make space from digital distractions, boosting their health, relationships, and productivity.
Session 2 – the subsequent three-hour session focuses on team health and organizational performance. We explore:
  • Practical strategies to lead digital teams towards improved productivity and wellbeing, enhancing organizational success.
  • Insights into the impact of digital wellbeing on organizational success, including cost savings, improved retention, performance, and innovation.
  • Research-backed, effective digital strategies to shape your company’s policies and workflows.
  • A high-level action plan for your team to implement.


This training is available remotely across North America and in-person in the Greater Vancouver area and selected North American locations. 

The price for both sessions delivered in a single day is $3900, or $4200 if delivered over two days.

For inquiries or to book a 15-minute consultation, please contact elissa@spacemakers.com.au.