Daniel Sih is an award-winning author, productivity consultant and international podcast guest who is available to speak at conferences across Australia.

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Making Space
How to unplug, unwind and think clearly in the digital age

Email Ninja
How to tackle email overload and get your inbox to zero each day

Tech-Healthy Parenting
How to reset your children’s tech-habits and give them a great start to life.

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Daniel is an experienced keynote presenter and is passionate about helping busy people make space in the whirlwind of life by shifting their digital habits. He is giving his first TEDx talk in Hobart in February 2023.

Daniel’s first book, Spacemaker: how to unplug, unwind and think clearly in the digital age, won the Australian Business Book Award for Personal Development in 2021, as well as the Royal Dragonfly Award for Best Audiobook, Best Science and Technology eBook, and Best New Non-Fiction Author in 2022.

His latest book, Raising Tech-Healthy Humans: how to reset your children’s habits and give them a great start to lifeis a positive guidebook to help parents establish healthy tech and non-tech habits for children and pre-teens. 

Daniel lives in Hobart with his family and loves mountain biking in the Tassie bush.


Is your team constantly online, working remotely and struggling to juggle the new blend of work and life? Perhaps it’s time to make space for what really matters?

What if you could be productive and rested by unplugging from digital technology as a habit? What if making space could be a strategy to do your best work and live your best life?

This popular keynote address will help you to re-think your relationship with the online world, providing insights to help you overcome digital overload.

Audiences will walk away with practical tips to help them unplug, unwind and think clearly without distraction by developing healthier patterns and rhythms in their lives.