This blog is about the making and meaning of space.

We are passionate about helping busy people make space in the whirlwind of life. 

This means we write about productivity from a practical, relational and spiritual perspective. 

Dive in to discover why people struggle with overwork and under-rest at a heart level, and what to do about it.


Can Exercise Make You Smarter?

Recent studies show that exercise directly and significantly changes our brain. It readies us to learn. It helps us to focus and remain alert. It helps us cope with stress. It primes us to be productive. …

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Penguins, Elephants & The Art of Change

Change Management… the dark art of changing things when change is hard. Here are two great books on change that are worth reading or getting re-acquainted with — Switch and Our Iceberg Is Melting.

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Habits & Health

How To Be Productive By Doing Nothing

In a penalty shootout, goalkeepers must choose their action before they know which way the ball will go. Is it better to dive left or right? The answer might surprise you – it’s usually best do nothing at all…

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Want the secret to success? Grow slow.

Overnight sensation or slow, sustained growth? It’s counter-intuitive, yet research suggests that slow might be best. Give up the dream of instant success in exchange for slow, measured progress…

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