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Permission to Think


How often do you give yourself permission to think and reflect?

Do you see thinking as a waste of time? Or as an integral part of your work?

Busy isn’t always better. By thinking more, as a habit, you can avoid the trap of silly busy work.

This video covers the importance of finding time and space for quality thinking, and looks at how you can build this into your life.



2 comment

  1. Hi Daniel
    Thanks for an engaging and informative video.
    My question is how do you capture your ideas and work with them? Is it any different from your everyday list assassin approach?

    1. Hi Jen,
      Great question. I have 2 ways of recording a thought, depending on what type it is:
      If the idea is a task, it goes into my to-do list inbox (i.e. Things 3 is my app) as per List Assassin training.
      If an idea is a creative idea, but not a task, then I capture it using my note-taking app (i.e. Evernote) and tag it as a topic (let’s say, “digital technology” or “work and rest.”) This way, I can search for this idea when I need to find it, when preparing a talk, writing a chapter, or composing a blog post.
      Hope this helps!

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