Schedule Your Holidays Before Your Work



About this time of year, many of us feel tired and exhausted, in desperate need of a holiday.

Rest is critical for sustained productivity. It energises us and helps us be fully human.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could enter next year with a restful, more sustainable schedule?

Wouldn’t it be novel to prioritise your rest over your work?


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  1. Thanks, Daniel. As an introvert, making decisions for me takes up precious energy. So with your suggestion, rather than mulling over when to take a holiday, where to go, where to stay etc etc throughout the year as I tend to do, it is one concentrated effort and then done. I like it!

    1. Hi Claire. Thanks for your comment. Maybe it’s an introvert thing… I love that I can set my rest in advance and make it a habit. Good luck putting first things first in your own schedule!

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