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List Assassin Recorded Webinars

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So you want to become a List Assassin and are keen to use an app?

Our recorded webinars are for past participants who want to apply the List Assassin habits of Capture, Organise, Review and Do using a to-do app.

Watch our screens as we show you how to implement the List Assassin habits within two popular apps (Wunderlist and We cover:

  • How to setup your list
  • How to create Projects and Tasks
  • How to schedule tasks, including recurring tasks
  • How to setup a Weekly Review
  • How to prioritise and ‘Do’ on a daily basis

If you’d like to learn more about List Assassin and our killer habits, then phone or email us to book in your own training or coaching session.

Not sure which is the best to-do list app for you? Take our two minute quiz to find out!

Wunderlist Webinar Webinar

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